Homeless – Housed – Homeowner!

“In the midst of winter, I found there was within me an invincible summer.” ~Albert Careb

We entered our 60th family this morning, and with that entry, we are currently sheltering 4 families, 14 people….ALL priority families with a father who were not able to be sheltered anywhere else in the county. Families continue to be the fastest growing segment of the homeless population and families with fathers made up 78% of all families we served in 2015.

What does family homelessness sound like in the face of adversity? It sounds like a sigh of relief when we hand a dad a laundry bag for his family’s clothes so he didn’t have to carry them around in a trash bag. It sounds like a mom running into the Resource Center to tell us the good news that she starts a job on Monday. It sounds like kids running into our offices after school excited about the end of school being so close! It sounds like sweet words I read last night that I share with you now:

“Jonathan and I will always be grateful to you, the rest of Family Promise, Grace Fellowship, other support churches, and what so many others did for us!  Every day, we thank God for you all!  Every day, we thank God for where He has brought us, and remember those days when we were homeless.  We never want to forget.  It makes every blessing from God all the more sweeter!!

 Thank you.  We are doing very well.  God is always so good!  We close on our very own home on or before 6/7/2016!  It’s an older home, but it is beautiful!  The owner completely upgraded the house….but left the original beautiful wooden floors all throughout the house!  I really like wooden floors.  God knew that! 🙂 As Susan said on Sunday, from homelessness to homeowner in two years!  I am so very grateful!  I thank God and give Him all of the glory for opening up this home just for us!

 We will have to stop by and see everyone soon.

 I’m so happy to hear about the 60th family that you all are helping!  God bless everyone for having such big hearts!  Jonathan’s and my life was forever changed because of your compassion!

 We love you all!

 Janet & Jonathan”


Our families possess an invincible summer within their adversity. Thank you for helping to provide the support and opportunity for them to find their pathway home.



Tara Pagliarini, MSW

Executive Director

Family Promise of Brevard


321-209-3391 (referrals)

321-877-1599 (fax)


Family Promise of Brevard, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to address homelessness in our community – one family at a time. We are a local affiliate of a national program, helping Brevard County families find their path to self-sufficiency. Through our Interfaith Hospitality Network of congregations and community organizations, we offer compassionate guidance, food, shelter and education. Our goal is to strengthen our community by helping homeless families with children remain intact while they transition towards self-sufficiency


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