Thank you!

So, I realized that the best way to truly thank you is to be outstanding stewards of your time, talent and treasure and to consistently provide exceptional social services and programming that make you as proud as I am to be affiliated with our organization. This week, we entered our 70th family, 238 people have come through our program, 132 of them children. We are re-housing another veteran family with mom, dad, and two children. We were on live radio this week with Lillian McDermott ( and shot a branding video with 142 Productions ( . We also welcomed our newest congregation, Christ Central in Cocoa (see photo). I was incredibly moved by the great lengths they went to make sure our families felt welcomed and safe.


You know we have an 84% success rate of helping families move into permanent housing, but I just learned this week that we have an 85% success rate of families in our ‘pre-project’ support program moving into housing! What is ‘pre-project’ support? When we receive calls for help, some families are able to be ‘sheltered in place’ at a friend or family’s house, and we apply case management to help them get back into housing. This is such a cost effective way to help someone avoid a costlier intervention of homelessness and emergency services!


We will continue to stretch ourselves in ways that help families the most, whether it be in emergency shelter, aftercare, or now, pre-project support, with your advocacy and support.  Thank you for your help.


With heartfelt appreciation,




Tara Pagliarini, MSW

Executive Director

Family Promise of Brevard


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