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“Our first night in our new apartment my daughter looked up at me and said” You did it dad, you got us off the streets and into our new home. We will never doubt you again”. I began to cry as I looked at my 3 beautiful kids because I was their HERO. All of this was because of the wonderful people and programs Family Promise of Brevard has to offer. Thank you for making this possible.” -David/guest- Brevard Co


Letter from Janet Hanna, one of our graduates

I am pleased to recommend Family Promise of Brevard, lnc. for the Brevard 211 Stars of the Space Coast Award. My son Jonathan and I will always be grateful for the impact that your organization made on our lives!

It’s hard to believe that less than a year ago, our lives were completely different. ln March of 2014, by a bizarre set of circumstances, we found ourselves homeless. We were in a place with no family and no means of support other than $250 per month from child support. l’ve always believed in hard work, but found myself facing unemployment, no place to live, and no way to provide for my son and myself. With no family in the area, no job prospect and no income, I went from a place of hope to a place of desperation. My son and I had our faith as Christians to hold onto, but I felt stretched beyond what I
could bear. Continue reading her story!


Grace Fellowship Partners with Family Promise of Brevard

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During our most recent hosting, I was overwhelmed with emotion as I held the tiny hand of our seven month old guest in his crib and played basketball with our 13 year old guest who just days before found himself homeless with his mom. Just 2 days into the program, our case manager helped his mom update her resume and she got a job. That’s what it’s all about! – Roland Schlierf- Brevard County Congregation Coordinator

(Photo credit: CRAIG RUBADOUX, Florida Today)

Letter from Pam Weiger, Board Member

Just a few years ago, I watched a young homeless woman on the street, pushing all her worldly possessions in a shopping cart. I wondered about her family and where she might have left them. I was saddened, and wished someone would help her. Last night, I spent the night at my church with Rachael and her four young children. Someone was helping this homeless family, and I was able to be part of it.
That “someone” is Family Promise of Brevard, and Rachael’s family was the 30th family to find their way to this amazing program, which offers food and shelter while working with the parents to secure employment and permanent housing. There is so much to say about the stellar impact Family Promise has made on our community’s homeless families. But the program’s reach goes much deeper. Continue reading!

Hope Lutheran Church “Stars of the Space Coast” support letter

Hope Lutheran Church has been involved with Family Promise of Brevard as a support church since 2012 when the Family Promise Board of Directors was assembling its group of host churches. Hope supports Family Promise of Brevard by providing dinner for the families, eating dinner and spending time with the families after dinner, and spending the night at the host church. We have also painted the interior of the resource center and donated backpacks, umbrellas, and lunch totes for the families as they are traveling throughout the county on the bus.
Family Promise of Brevard will continue to be one of our primary ministries that we support because they are a very much needed and efficacious organization. This is an organization that keeps families together. Young teenage boys and fathers are not separated from their families. Often families will rather remain homeless than be separated. Family Promise also puts a different face on the plight of homelessness for the volunteers. No longer is homelessness about the man on the street corner, but about toddlers, elementary students, and teenagers, as well as parents just trying to get back on their feet. It is an organization that the community can either respond to with donations or directly with face to face interaction. Continue Reading!

Chiffone Sandberg, Volunteer, Health First Supernova Award support letter

It is my pleasure to be a volunteer with Family Promise of Brevard, Inc and would like to nominate this organization for the Health First Supernova Award. We are an Interfaith Hospitality Network whose mission is to help homeless families in Brevard County regain self-sufficiency by providing them places to stay, food, and assistance in securing employment and housing. Work closely with other nonprofits for the benefit of homeless families.

Family Promise is dedicated to keeping families together in the downturn in their life. This includes boys. Many organizations don’t keep boys in their teens with the family unit. Example: We had a mother and son enter Family Promise. The father died a couple of years earlier. The son was devastated to the extent that he did not finish his senior year of school to graduate. The Family Promise counselor contacted a retired teacher to assist him in obtaining his GED and he entered the military. With the help they received they regained their independence. That is what Family Promise is all about…. Continue reading!

John F. Baggett Ph.D. Space Coast Award support letter

I am writing to support the nomination of Family Promise of Brevard, Inc. for the Stars of the Space Coast Award because Family Promise is a unique and highly effective non-profit program serving homeless families with children in Brevard County.

For a homeless program, Family Promise is uniquely cost effective, depending on an interfaith network of congregations for overnight accommodations and meals, and a resource center, provided by a local congregation, where case managers assist families in transitioning to employment and housing. The program is also unique because it has amazing outcomes. It currently has an average length of stay of 36 days and an 89% effectiveness rating in transitioning families to self-sufficiency, a remarkable achievement for any homeless service in the nation. Continue reading!




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