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Family Promise of Brevard has three programs that work together in a holistic, integrated approach, to provide homeless prevention, emergency shelter, and aftercare services. Because the three programs support one another, each of them is far more effective together than alone. The purpose of growing into these three programs is to transform our county’s homeless service system in a crisis response system prevents homelessness and rapidly returns people who experience homelessness back to stable housing. 

Our “Interfaith Hospitality Network” Program brings shelter, meals, and support services to families without homes. This program is a cost-efficient, effective, and replicable community response to family homelessness. There are six basic components to a Network Program.

Host/Support/Advocate Congregations: The hosting of families rotates weekly among the Host Congregations in the Network. In turn, each host congregation provides lodging, three meals a day, and caring hospitality 4 times a year. The Support Congregations provide much needed volunteers, supplies and finances when needed. The Advocate Congregations assist us with projects, fundraising, expanding awareness, and advocacy.

Resource Center: Guests use our local Resource Center, donated by Grace Fellowship, from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, where the Family Promise staff provides intensive case management services. There, our guests pursue employment, housing, education, shower, and do laundry. The Resource Center provides guests with a mailing address and a base for housing and employment searches. Guests are employed during the day and children attend school or daycare.

Transportation: Since roughly 70% of our families do not have transportation, Family Promise of Brevard provides daily transportation for guests to and from the Resource Center and our Host Congregations through Shirley’s Shuttle. The shuttle also transports our rollaway beds and luggage to the next Host Congregation every Sunday morning.

Fundraising: The organization is financed through donations, grants and fundraising efforts. Contributions help us provide homeless families with safe shelter, nutritious meals and the comprehensive support necessary for a more promising future.

Volunteers: Volunteers are essential to our success and provide a wide range of services at our host sites, like cooking and serving meals, interacting with guests with respect and compassion; and providing direct services and support to our Resource Center operations.

Partnerships: Local Brevard Homeless Coalition partners refer families to the Network and we work closely with community partners to connect our guests to housing, healthcare, employment, and other needed resources, like household goods.


Our second program, “Keeping the Promise”, aftercare housing stabilization, helps families obtain and maintain permanent housing, and builds skills and assets to support self-sufficiency, with the ultimate goal of not relapsing into homelessness. Housing stabilization is designed to help families exit homelessness and return to permanent housing as quickly as possible.

Services:  Home-based services are provided by a Family Services Specialist for a year. They include , but are not limited to, case management, solutions-focused therapy, life skills training, financial coaching, advocacy, tenancy education, resource brokerage, and assessment.


Our third program, HAND UP, is a homeless prevention/diversion program. The goal of this program is to coordinate a single point of entry for front end homeless prevention and diversion to help work with households BEFORE they become homeless. This project was implemented in January 2017 in collaboration with the Sharing Center of Central Brevard and the Brevard Homeless Coalition.

Coordinated entry will provide a ‘seamless’ client-centered intake system, allowing individuals and/or families experiencing a crisis to apply for multiple benefits at one location where they can already be served for basic needs. This will ensure that housing assistance for move-in costs or eviction prevention will be provided to eligible families at the appropriate level and duration.

HUMI (Help us Move In):  Family Promise of Brevard is one of ten Family Promise affiliates selected to receive the $20,000 Homeless No More Challenge Grant over the next two years ($10,000 per year) for move in costs and eviction prevention for families. Our affiliate is expected to raise funds to match the initial grant, and then engage the community to match the total amount raised, for the possibility of $80,000 over two years towards ending homelessness in Brevard County.

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