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If you are a homeless family with minor children, or at risk of losing your housing, please dial: (321)-209- 3391 and leave a detailed message regarding your location, family composition, and your best contact information. This number is our referral line. After receiving your initial call, we will call you back from an office line.

We return calls Sunday-Friday, 9 am-4:30 pm. If afterhours and not an emergency, leave a message and we will return your call within two business days. If afterhours and it is an emergency, contact 211 for help.

Who we serve in
our shelter program:

  • Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) with minor children who are literally, or at imminent risk of, homelessness.
  • Families who are capable and willing to live in a community environment supervised by volunteers.
  • Families must be willing to follow program guidelines and actively participate in intensive daily case management to end their own homelessness.

Who is best served by a
partner agency:

  • Outstanding warrants
  • Extensive criminal history and/or history of violence
  • Active substance abuse
  • Active domestic violence
  • Active untreated psychiatric conditions that could pose a safety threat in a community setting
Upon Referral:
  • Families are pre-screened for preliminary eligibility by phone
  • If families are not eligible, they are referred to partner agencies for emergency shelter and/or services.
  • If space is available, and they are preliminarily eligible, arrangements will be made for an intake interview, background screen and drug screen to gather more information.
  • If no space is available, and they are preliminarily eligible, family will be placed on a waiting list and also referred out to partner agencies until space opens up.
  • Families are accepted into the affiliate during regular business hours.

Our Hand Up Program

The best time to stop homelessness is BEFORE it happens. HAND UP is a homeless prevention and diversion program designed to coordinate a single point of entry for front-end homeless prevention. We work with at-risk households before they become homeless. Implemented in January 2017, in collaboration with the Sharing Center of Central Brevard and the Brevard Homeless Coalition, this program helps change the future of at-risk families forever.

Eligible households can receive:

  • VI and Full SPDAT assessments for referral to Coordinated Entry System
  • Homeless shelter diversion
  • Homeless Prevention funds for eviction prevention and utility assistance through HUMI and TANF (families)
  • Rapid-Rehousing funds for deposit move-in assistance through HUMI (families)
  • In-person or telephonic budgeting assistance
  • Evidence-based case management
  • Landlord advocacy
  • Resource linkage with community partners

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