Our Promise

Our promise? To end family homelessness and stand by struggling families every step of the way. Family Promise of Brevard is more than just a charity – lives are transformed forever. Through education, empowerment, an abundance of continuum services, and by collaborating with other community service providers, families are able to find housing and maintain it.

Homelessness wreaks havoc on families. And what’s worse, most shelters for homeless families forces fathers and boys over 12 to be separated from their family. As if losing their home was not enough, now the families must fight to stay together. Family Promise is determined to keep homeless families together. Our unique program is specifically designed to house families and allow them to remain side by side during such an unsettling time.

We are passionate about keeping our promise. Every family deserves to stay together and have equal opportunities for success and happiness. Though homelessness may be part of their past, we want to reshape their future into one that is full of hope.