The Impact we make Together!

Each day, homeless families in Brevard County work tirelessly to transform their lives and take the steps necessary to create a bright future. Their stories of perseverance, bravery and transformation inspire us to keep working to help more homeless families find the safety and security they deserve. Our approach to helping homeless families extends beyond their time in the program. We seek to equip them with the skills and knowledge to live independently and maintain stable housing. The journey from scared to secure is built on a foundation of hard-work, love and support from our strong community. Read their stories below.

Volunteer Photo Gallery

The Curtis Family

A few years ago, Rebecca’s mother was in the ICU. When she was released, it was on a condition that someone would always be home with her. Rebecca and her family moved in with her mother and stayed...

Hannah Family

The Hanna’s Success Story

We went to the North Brevard Sharing Center and they told us about Family Promise of Brevard. l've never wanted a hand-out, and I had so many negative images of what homeless looked like, but at...

The Hill’s Success Story

For the Hill family, their first night in the Family Promise of Brevard program is one they will never forget. David vividly remembers the sense of relief that washed over him from knowing his family...