Adonius and his family just graduated from our aftercare program, Keeping the Promise! After one year of intensive financial coaching, tenancy education, resource linkage and building self-sufficiency, Adonius is a graduate. Mike Hoenick, Family Services Specialist, has seen an incredible growth in Adonius’ self-confidence and ability to advocate for himself. According to Adonius, “It is just a blessing to have you guys here helping me through this. I appreciate you guys sticking by me. You are just like family. I know that whatever I needed that you would be there for me. You were there from me if I needed someone to talk to if I was frustrated. I called and you never once turned your back on me or put me down about anything. I now know how to budget and better myself for my kids.”. When asked how our community can help, Adonius responded, “You guys have helped so many people move into housing. Everyone out there that supports you helps a family move into housing. How cool is that? Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?”.