Brenda Cregger is a grandmother to her five grandchildren and the family is engaged in the Family Promise Stabilization Program.  Brenda has had custody of her grandchildren for more than 10 years.  She was a successful adult and was never in a homeless situation until she needed to adjust her life, change her employment, and begin caring for her grandchildren.  Being unable to work her previous travel-heavy career, Brenda attempted to work from home before retiring.  She was then unable to afford the increasing rent at her house in Melbournewas evicted and became homeless with nowhere else to go.  The family went into the short-term SOS shelter, was then connected to Family Promise’s emergency shelter, and was finally rehoused with Community of Hope on 9/1/2019.  The family engaged in Family Promise Stabilization case management and was also connected to Eckerd Connects for rent deposits.  Initially, Brenda was employed through the AARP Senior Working Program, but unfortunately had to leave due to several issues with her kids causing scheduling difficulties.  This caused her budget to tighten and necessitated changes in her lifestyle and spending.  Shortly afterward, the COVID pandemic hit the United States.  Despite the many challenges and changes, Brenda and her grandchildren were poised for a breakthrough.  She began a monthly budgeting plan with her caseworker and through that plan and regular contact was able to not only pay for all of her bills on-time and in-full on her own with no additional financial assistance but was also able to accumulate $525 in savings during the pandemic! 

Now Brenda continues to look forward and is not going to stop her progress.  She is currently working on fixing her credit, taking some of her savings, and opening a secured credit card with her new bank, Space Coast Credit Union.  She is reconnected with the AARP program and once they begin operations again will be pursuing another part-time position to further help towards her other financial goals and stability.