A few years ago, Rebecca’s mother was in the ICU. When she was released, it was on a condition that someone would always be home with her. Rebecca and her family moved in with her mother and stayed with her for about four months. When it was time for the family to get a place of their own, their former landlord did not give a good reference (even after explaining the difficult situation).

The family made the hard decision to move into a motel, which is where they lived for about 6 months. Rebecca is still surprised at how the three of them living in one room brought them closer together, but even so, Marcus Sr. knew it was “no place to call home.” Rebecca and Marcus Sr. did everything they could to keep their family together, but both of their jobs were in the restaurant business and all of their earnings would go to the motel. How were they supposed to save to move into a real home?

They heard of Family Promise of Brevard when Rebecca visited a local Sharing Center. She was unsure it was real because from what she had heard, families like theirs, with teenage boys and men, are separated in shelters. The family called us and we were very happy and humbled to help guide them on their path to finding a home. The family stayed in churches for 2 months and were surprised with how genuine and loving all of the volunteers were during their time of need.

The family followed through with the process, learned how to save money, and found a home. Rebecca, Marcus Sr., and Marcus Jr. have been living in their home for 2 years now! The family even receive a donated car to replace their old “Flintstones Car”! The family is very happy to have a home with more than 1 room.