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“ln March of 2014, by a bizarre set of circumstances, we found ourselves homeless. We were in a place with no family and no means of support other than $250 per month from child support. l’ve always believed in hard work, but found myself facing unemployment, no place to live, and no way to provide for my son and myself. I felt stretched beyond what I could bear.

After 23 years of working at the Space Center I was laid off when it ended and eventually moved back to Georgia, my home state. Just as my life was beginning to come together again my ex-husband petitioned the courts for me to move back to Florida. Eventually I had to relocate back to Brevard County, and at that time I no longer had a job or a place to stay.

We went to the North Brevard Sharing Center and they told us about Family Promise of Brevard. l’ve never wanted a hand-out, and I had so many negative images of what homeless looked like, but at Family Promise of Brevard we were never called or treated as homeless. Instead, we were treated like family. In our time there we stayed at host churches during the night and the host churches provided all of our meals! Family Promise coordinated everything. We had nice, warm, safe, and loving places to stay. Our meals were prepared and served by folks who simply loved us. People who we’d never met loved us, wrapped their arms around us, provided for us, and helped us get back on our feet.

To fast forward, within two months, l’d gotten a job and had a condo in a very nice area in Titusville. Our Family Promise of Brevard family provided the resources for me to find the job, to get Jonathan in a very good school, and find a nice home for Jonathan and myself.

We know that Jesus worked in our lives through Family Promise of Brevard. lf it had not been for them, I don’t know where we would be. I know I wouldn’t have my son now. But, because of their generosity and abundant love for the hurting Jonathan and I were able to stay together and hold onto our dignity! “