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Those are words David Hill, father of 3, never thought he would hear from his 15-year-old son.

Devastating circumstances had left David, a disabled Veteran, and his three children living in his truck. Though he fought to provide for their family, David felt more like a failure than a father most days.

For the Hill family, their first night in the Family Promise of Brevard program is one they will never forget. David vividly remembers the sense of relief that washed over him from knowing his family was safe and all together. Through the Family Promise Program, his family was able to stay together as they rebuilt their future. After only a month, the Hill family was able to move out on their own. But the promise made to families within the program doesn’t stop there. David continued to meet with counselors on a monthly basis for guidance and financial coaching. Though he joined the program to keep his own family together, David says he gained a second family in the Family Promise staff as well.

After graduating from the program, David went back to college, began to homeschool his children and will soon be purchasing his own land. David remains close with the staff and says the impact that Family Promise of Brevard has made on his family has extended well beyond their time with us. Through our programs, his family has transformed from scared to secure. His children are proud of their father and our staff is proud to call him family.

The Hill Family