I set out to thank you for what you’ve made possible by participating in our event this weekend, but I realized it would be much better said by one of our families who recently moved into housing. This mom, dad, and two children, two and four, had limited options due to having a father in the family, but were a priority for our program. As you know, our goal is to keep families together during the most challenging times of their lives. They were in our emergency shelter for less than two months, received move-in assistance through our HAND UP program, and are currently housed and participating in aftercare to work on financial literacy, tenancy education, and increasing self-sufficiency.

Please know that this family’s story is one of over four thousand stories we have heard since we became operational five years ago. Through your financial support, volunteerism, and commitment to ending family homelessness, you allow us to do what we cannot do on our own:  provide a pathway back HOME. Your support has changed a family’s life. Thank you!

“For 8 years, my family and I struggled to make ends meet. We were always stuck wondering how we could come up with the extra money to pay the bills. We bounced around from house to house not knowing where we were going to live next. Everything seemed to happen all at once and anything that could go bad, did. We got to a point where we were finally able to afford rent, but were told ‘no’ when we applied for housing due to our prior evictions. For three years, we literally could not find a place to live.

 We never considered a shelter for an option because we have heard many bad things about them. We came to a point where we were completely out of options, and I came across Family Promise of Brevard. If it wasn’t for Family Promise accepting us, we would not be where we are now. They helped us get our life back together when we ran out of hope.

 Now, we have a three bedroom house, we are caught up on our bills, it made us closer as a family, and were able to get our life back. The one big thing we learned out of it all was that there are amazing people out there who want to help families in their time of need. It was the light we needed during our darkest hour. We will be forever thankful for the Family Promise program.” –The Harper Family